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at the american enterprise institute, and alexis levinson, reporter at the daily quarter. michael, i'll go to you first. peter king himself today, i guess i'll quote this, he said that the testimony petraeus gave today, that they knew immediately it was a terrorist attack, differed with his own briefing to lawmakers on september 14th. sources say that petraeus somehow has chaud hnged his position. now, i don't get this. before i even get to the talking points, michael, how can petraeus say one thing on september 14th and then come back today and say no, no, no, here's what really happened, we knew about it all the time? >> you know, larry, that's an excellent question. but this is what really gets me. president obama, when he was a senator, first campaigning for office, came up with all these wild conspiracies about the politicization of intelligence. you would think there would be a firewall in place to prevent the politiization of intelligence. and the fact that general petraeus was allowing the cia's talking points to be circulated to political appointees in non-intelligence-related department
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1